Sunday, September 18, 2005

sunday september 18, 2005

not too much going on 'round here. the black crowes have started their second leg of their recent tour. the shows are hot! my mom and dad are doing all kinds of stuff: cooking classes, trips, visits from friends. they seem to be having fun. thats awesome! i'll be at the sept. 30th crowes show in upper darby then the second night of vegas. hope to meet some fellow amoricans there. should be a good time. julia and i are also looking for places to be married. we know we want to do it in St. Louis, but thats about all. any suggestions are much appreciated. we will be in miami for NYE at the second annual ISH. should be fun! by the way, adam weinberg is releasing a new CD and i have had the privilege of listening to the unmastered version. it is spectacular. when it comes out i will be sure to update the blog with a track and info on where to get it. ok. i need to go help julia with some searching. go see the black crowes!


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