Sunday, November 26, 2006

San Diego '06

Only about four weeks late my pictures for our trip to San Diego. Kyle and Heather you were most gracious hosts! Adam and Rach, it was great to see you as a newlywed couple...See you in May!

penn state vs n'western

Well here we are from left to right Allen and Heather Wonder and me and Julia. This was a GREAT day for football. I think this shot is underneath the medical student tent.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Philly 06

Stopped in philly this holiday weekend with the fam. Went to see Pearl Jam with a good friend. Excellent show. Hotel was nice. Great time was had by all!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

the highly anticiapted ill tet video. ah the memories...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


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i need some l-o-v-e yeah to keep me happy!


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look at this happy couple. it was so great to see them there with thier respective doggies. good times!

Holiday Run '06

so this was a great holiday season! after a grueling bout with an intense 24 hour stomach bug i was able to get re-routed from st. louis via philly to st louis via detroit via Pittsburgh. what a mess. i got home and was grateful to see my folks and my brother chris and his wife karla. mom and dad took me to steak and shake and i went home to sleep. great sleep in the guest bedroom. then we did the christmas thing. it was nice. got to go to church with the folks and see the 'west side' chaney clan. my cousin troy and his wife are having a baby so that is totally exciting. the 26th was the party at john's house. it was great. truly a new and very pleasurable way to enjoy friends, IN THEIR HOUSES!?!?!?!?! are we really getting older? next stop was NYC for NYE at MSG. TBC+TAB+NMAS. a great bill. we missed NMAS and rocked out to TAB. TBC brought the intense heat and a very nostalgic video of the ball dropping in times square at midnight. one more set after that and we were all shot. i think we finally hit the sack around 3 am. a great time was had by all and some more than others (brian!)! Happy New Year everyone!


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look at these new years 'babes.' Happy New Year!


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another handsome bunch. these are my friends from high school/elementary school and my new friends who are married to my old friends. haha! i had a great time. looking back on the photos and the video of me being duct taped, i am very grateful to have had this opportunity to meet/hang out with you all. we all owe john a round of drinks at good ole 'way' next year!


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look at this good group. the section 233 crew. Happy New Year!


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look at this smokin bunch. this is a shot of the girls who were at john's party. lookin' good ladies!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


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Talkeetna. fun place.


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the mighty denali. pretty humbling......


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sunset at about 11:30 pm. lovely!


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the view from the cabin at mud lake.


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fred avoiding insects.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

sunday september 18, 2005

not too much going on 'round here. the black crowes have started their second leg of their recent tour. the shows are hot! my mom and dad are doing all kinds of stuff: cooking classes, trips, visits from friends. they seem to be having fun. thats awesome! i'll be at the sept. 30th crowes show in upper darby then the second night of vegas. hope to meet some fellow amoricans there. should be a good time. julia and i are also looking for places to be married. we know we want to do it in St. Louis, but thats about all. any suggestions are much appreciated. we will be in miami for NYE at the second annual ISH. should be fun! by the way, adam weinberg is releasing a new CD and i have had the privilege of listening to the unmastered version. it is spectacular. when it comes out i will be sure to update the blog with a track and info on where to get it. ok. i need to go help julia with some searching. go see the black crowes!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

more is here

ok, so i have got some spare time and i will fill it with stories of up north. my first weekend in AK we (julia, mary ellen, fred, laura, and i) drove from anchorage to seward. we paddled out from millers landing to caines head and stayed at the public use cabin. some folks were there celebrating a birthday and forgot to read their paperwork. the were supposed to be gone that morning before we got there. the campsite was beautiful. we had access to bathrooms and running water (in the form of a river). dinners were spectacular and company was splendid! i hada great time and i think everyone else did. we went on a hike on our second day and saw some cool military installation. there were dead pigeons in the hole where a gun turret once was. good stuff.

by the way this was not written at school like i said. i am sorry.