Monday, January 31, 2005

Act Three!! There Will not be an Encore!!

ok, been here for a few hours and i have decided to rage against the machine and check out. not mentally or emotionally, but physically!!! i'm outta here. only a few more days until the black crowes presale!!!!

Opening Day!!! Act Two

ok, back in the computer lab. still working on sending that first email. i guess i need the class because i screwed it up on the first try. HAHA!! well not too much has happened in my life since my last blog. we had some snow a few weekends ago. it was nice. we took the dogs out in the snow. the yplayed and we had a pretty good time. when i get the chance i will post some pictures. this class is pretty boring, but the guy teaching it is pretty great. he understands stuff pretty well. i shudder to think what our students are doing with this half day off.... i wonder what the dogs are doing????

Opening Day!!!

hey everybody out there in cyberspace! I am sitting in a room in a building that has a terrible problem controlling the internal climate. To make matters worse i am being forced to attend a workshop on how to check my email. Call me a jerk but i've been checking email since 1994 or so....Anyway this thursday tickets go onsale for the black crowes shows in NYC!!! ( Tickets go on sale at 9 AM and will be on sale for 12 hrs. If you know me you know i'll be waiting with baited breath....