Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Holiday Run '06

so this was a great holiday season! after a grueling bout with an intense 24 hour stomach bug i was able to get re-routed from st. louis via philly to st louis via detroit via Pittsburgh. what a mess. i got home and was grateful to see my folks and my brother chris and his wife karla. mom and dad took me to steak and shake and i went home to sleep. great sleep in the guest bedroom. then we did the christmas thing. it was nice. got to go to church with the folks and see the 'west side' chaney clan. my cousin troy and his wife are having a baby so that is totally exciting. the 26th was the party at john's house. it was great. truly a new and very pleasurable way to enjoy friends, IN THEIR HOUSES!?!?!?!?! are we really getting older? next stop was NYC for NYE at MSG. TBC+TAB+NMAS. a great bill. we missed NMAS and rocked out to TAB. TBC brought the intense heat and a very nostalgic video of the ball dropping in times square at midnight. one more set after that and we were all shot. i think we finally hit the sack around 3 am. a great time was had by all and some more than others (brian!)! Happy New Year everyone!


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