Tuesday, August 23, 2005

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ok, so i have got some spare time and i will fill it with stories of up north. my first weekend in AK we (julia, mary ellen, fred, laura, and i) drove from anchorage to seward. we paddled out from millers landing to caines head and stayed at the public use cabin. some folks were there celebrating a birthday and forgot to read their paperwork. the were supposed to be gone that morning before we got there. the campsite was beautiful. we had access to bathrooms and running water (in the form of a river). dinners were spectacular and company was splendid! i hada great time and i think everyone else did. we went on a hike on our second day and saw some cool military installation. there were dead pigeons in the hole where a gun turret once was. good stuff.

by the way this was not written at school like i said. i am sorry.

Monday, August 22, 2005


IMG_0958, originally uploaded by roggae.

look at how happy dad is with that puppy. you think abbey would be jealous?


IMG_1023, originally uploaded by roggae.

the silver fox. momma told me not to go near that river...

its been a long time

boy it has been a long time sine i last posted to this blog. lets see, i went to alaska, i registered for the GRE, then unregistered for the GRE, then registered for the LSAT. the LSAT has pretty much been my focus since late july. i figured that going into law allowed me pursue certain specific interests i enjoy. i.e. arguing and reading. my time is short tonight, but i will pick up where i left off soon....until then stay kind.